Vessel Pre–purchase Inspections

Vessel & Boat Pre-purchase Inspections

With our detailed vessel pre-purchase inspection checklist and advanced testing equipment, you can rest assured that we have you covered when buying a new vessel. We offer pre-purchase boat inspections for vessels ranging from recreational trailer boats to large steel and aluminium commercial vessels.

At TEMS Marine, we can customise your vessel pre purchase inspection to meet your budget and time frame.

  • Testing can also include but not be limited to: Ultrasonic thickness testing, moisture content testing, hardness testing, magnetic particle testing, thermal imaging and electrical testing.
  • We perform sea trials and can supply additional professionally trained crew to assist.

Send us an email with your vessel’s details and the required services and will we get back to you as soon as possible with a quote, or call Brad on 0407 792 776.

We understand that the organisation of inspections can sneak up on vessel owners and at TEMS Marine we will do our best to ensure your requirements are met on time.

All services are subject to TEMS Marine’s Terms and conditions.

Pre-Purchase Inspections for Vessels & Boats
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