Domestic Commercial Vessel Surveying

  1. On-board procedure development
  2. On-board auditing of safety systems and other on-board procedures
  3. Vessel pre-purchase surveys and reports

Marine Engineering

  1. All propulsion repairs and fault finding
  2. Expertise in all marine on-board main and auxiliary systems
  3. Electrical diagnosis and modification
  4. Marine Refrigeration license for all repairs and servicing
  5. Management of in water surveys and inspections
  6. Modifications and efficiency improvements

Pre-purchase Inspections

  1. Australia Wide
  2. Ultrasonic thickness testing
  3. Moisture content testing
  4. Hardness testing
  5. Magnetic particle testing
  6. Thermal imaging and electrical testing
  7. Sea trials and can supply additional professionally trained crew to assist

Other Services

  1. Crew training
  2. Qualified for all confined space entry and BA rescues
  3. Tank inspections and repairs
  4. Assistance with new build and major modifications
  5. Machinery damage investigations

Recreational Vessel Surveying

  1. Insurance surveys
  2. Damage and condition reports
  3. Pre-purchase inspections and sea trials

Dry Docking

  1. Docking plans
  2. Management and organization from start to finish
  3. Budgets and estimations
  4. Inspection and expertise
  5. Fault finding and repair
  6. Labour supply and contractor management

Insurance Inspections

  1. Insurance surveys
  2. Condition reports
  3. Damage reports
  4. TEMS Policy
  5. Australian Standards

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